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Deathsaurus nodded in response to Fracas's and Megatron's replies.

"Alright, Decepticons, Megatron is just past this hill, and as you can see from the sky, all sorts of Hell is coming down to meet him. Scourge, Mindwipe, we're going to fly ahead to lend support, the rest of you, get there quickly as possible."

As they gave the order, they shifted back to his massive dragon form, with Esmeral reattaching to Eaglebreast, and took to the skies once more.


Autobot Shuttle

As the shuttle made its way towards the surface, Sentinel examined the faces of the soldiers surrounding him.

See the young ones, Infinitus? They all gawk at me. Like I'm some kind if celebrity. I'm just the primus emeritus, the old bot they drag out at state functions.

Maybe they look up to you, sir.

For what? Standing silently behind Optimus' left side? Anyway, the older soldiers are far more interesting. You've got a couple like Hardhead, who are actually not paying attention to me, because they know I belong here. The rest of them are trying very hard not to pay acknowledge me, even though my presence is burning them up inside. They're facing the floor, or the ceiling, or the exit ramp, but then they start thinking about me, and then their optics wander this way, then they catch themselves and look away again with a start. They blame me, personally, for this war that I didn't even start, and then wasn't allowed to finish. Cowards, unable to face the truth, that's what they are.
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