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Dig Site

Doomshot dodged as Brianstorm cut close to him, but the Autobot seemed preoccupied with other business so he didn't overly concern himself. He flew over to Megatron, then allowed his mini-vehicle to split open and drop him down towards his partner, transforming into head mode.

Megatron refused to allow his reluctance to show, transforming eagerly to his somewhat banged-up robot mode and accepting Doomshot into his mind. Then he did his best to push the annoying runt into a far-off corner of it while he caught the mini-vehicle, which had folded up into gun mode. He tucked the extra weapon into the turret cockpit on his back and sprang up, ready to throw himself at Ginrai...only to see that he'd killed the Autobot, almost by accident.

"That was anti-climactic."

He took a few steps closer to the Autobot, but the smoke rising from the inside of his skull testified to the fact that his Titan Master had been killed with a seeing-eye blast right to the face.

"Such is the fate of any who would challenge Megatron," he opined, glancing sidelong at Starscream as he did so. "Since that's dealt with, let's get on with the mission! To the dig site! Starscream, Kaon...alligator guy, with me!"

He transformed back to tank mode, Doomshot riding in his turret as he rolled forward towards the target area.

Mindwipe shrugged. "As you vish," he told Scourge. "Don't say I did not offer."

Now that they were on the ground, there was little reason to remain in bat mode -- his massive wingspan would be a major handicap in the archaeological dig's tightly-packed camp, and even moreso in the tunnels. He also lacked much in the way of long-range offence, something the current situation very much called for. So they transformed to robot mode, with Vorath taking his place as the robot's head.

"Ah, yes. Much better." The shared mind's accent was much less exaggerated than the bat mode's, due to Vorath's influence. Mindwipe still carried a hint of a stereotypical Eastern European vampire's accent about him, but his fellow Decepticons would find him much easier to understand. He drew his viper pistol and equipped his shield, then stretched his robot mode wings and flew off after Deathsaurus, with his thrusters (now located in his feet) making up for the smaller wings' lack of lift.

"As you command, blah. Ve shall defend Lord Megatron."

Autobot Shuttle

Hardhead hit the hatch release before the shuttle's landing gear had even touched down, jumping out of the shuttle and trusting his strong knees to absorb the force of the fall.

"Fireteams three and six, establish a perimeter to defend the shuttle. The rest of you, form up on me!" He transformed to tank mode and rolled towards Bumblebee's shuttle.

Furos landed in the Titan's cockpit and took up speaking exactly where Hardhead had left off. "We'll pick up our late arrival, then head towards the dig site. We'll meet up with Optimus en route!"
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