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Cybertron Airspace

Sixshot, in his jet mode, swooped down towards the Autobot Shuttle as it landed on Cybertron's surface. None among them are worthy to challenge. They are all soldiers, not warriors.

Still, he had to fight for the cause, for without the cause, what use is a weapon?

Sixshot took aim at the Autobots that are coming out with Hardhead and opened fire with his hypersonic concussion cannons, aiming to rattle and disorient as many Autobot soldiers as he could to give Megatron and the others time to recover... whatever it is that they set to recover.

"Apologies." Diac told Optimus Prime as he hung onto his larger partner, feeling the pain his hooks caused the larger Transformer through their mental link. He should've gone after the Decepticons. Saving me should not have been his priority.

But it is. And Diac knew why -- because he's Optimus Prime.

Diac briefly considered a way to get out of their predicament. Transform into their more maneuverable robot mode, rerouting all energy to jet boosters? Unlikely to work. They're plunging at such a rapid velocity that the transformation and expansion of their wings are likely to cause them to be torn apart by the whiplash. Crash-landing? It'll hurt, but Optimus Prime's body can withstand it.

But suddenly, a wave of repulsion hit him. Forceful, yet gentle, as their fall was slowed down with a force from the opposite direction. Diac and Optimus Prime took this chance to transform into their robot mode, Diac locking securely into his slot within Optimus Prime's helm. Whole once more, the Autobot leader looked around for his saviour, and saw Brainstorm.

Optimus Prime recognized the scientist as one of the Autobots sent to the dig site. "My thanks." Optimus Prime nodded to Brainstorm as his jetpack realigned, allowing him to hover in place and reorient himself. "You have saved my life. Come."

Optimus Prime shot down from where he was towards the dig site, seeing that Ginrai has went down to engage the Decepticons. Very enthusiastic, very eager to prove himself as powerful as the Autobot ideal...

And then, as Optimus swooped in, his eyes widened as both Optimus and Diac's sparks were clutched with horror when Megatron's fusion blast hit home, tearing Ginrai's head apart, causing the Autobot to drop onto the ground in an unceremonious, limp heap.

"NO!" Optimus Prime let out a loud, roaring yell. Part of both of them wanted to fly down next to the young Autobot, to ascertain if Ginrai had indeed perished -- but Optimus had seen many soldiers slaughtered by his nemesis's fusion cannon. Way too many.

He was killed trying to emulate me. Optimus Prime thought mournfully.

They will pay, Optimus. We'll make sure of it.

Optimus Prime let out a growl that was equal parts tranquil and angry. "It's you and me, Megatron."

Optimus Prime pulled out the hilt of his own Energon Sword from where it's stored on his back, and it expanded into full length -- several magnitudes larger and more powerful than the ones mounted on Diac's arms. The Autobot leader charged towards Megatron with, before swinging the sword in an arc that led it towards the Decepticon leader's head.
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