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Megatron's flanks

Kaon ran alongside his leader, regretting his immobile alt mode for the moment, but not enough to complain as he dashed along side him

"we really should make you something more mobile, keeping this pace all the time will be murder on your knee servos!"

Kaon ignored Nickle's complaint for the moment, such matters were immaterial to the moment. He lept up between his leader and the blow meant for his leader, Daring to stand directly between him and Optimus Prime. He charged his dynamo's to blast back with a powerful electrical current.

Grax and Skullcruncher separated, the Master Riding on his Titan's surprisingly nimble atl mode, keeping pace with the Tank mode reasonably well. They charged forward into combat as well.


Cyberton surface
Bumblebee and "Steelheart" separated and rolled up to meet with Hardhead ASAP "Incoming fire!" came their warning to Hardhead, the smaller titan master climbing partly out of the driver's seat to try and nail the incoming projectiles with her palm blasters, the small but precise shots disrupting the concussive force of much of Sixshot's barrage
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