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I find it almost impossible to evaluate (or even discuss) the movie on it's merits. I rented, watched and re-watched it so many times as a kid that every frame of animation, line of dialogue, musical note, character, voice, animation error and story beat are burned permanently into my brain. I can seriously close my eyes and replay entire scenes in my imagination with near-perfect accuracy, and stitch together almost the entire thing front to back just from memory, and have been able to for as long as I can remember. So I'm afraid I can't argue many of your points. It's not even a movie to me anymore, it's...I don't even know. A constant of reality, almost, as stupid as that sounds.

I'll say this, though. TFTM has one big advantage over the Bay movies: it doesn't overstay it's welcome. The first live-action movie was already pushing things, and each subsequent instalment has gotten longer and longer, leaving audiences burned out by the time they finally reach the end. The animated movie was just the right length for what it was, and finishes well before you reach the "oh god will this ever end?" stage.
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