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Survival Center, Ginrai:

"Uhnnnnnn......." Ginrai regained consciousness, in a sense. He knew he wasn't dead, that much was a certainty. "Py-er Prime?"

His query was met with only silence.

He reached out, searching the core that was protecting him from the catastrophic damage he/they must have suffered..... And realized that he was alone. Pyro was gone. Truly gone. Even the link shared between Titan and Titan Master was dead.

Which meant Pyro was dead.

"Well. That's just Prime."

Dig Site:

Ginrai's battered and burned helmet twitched, whining back on tortured servos, dumping the partially melted remains of Pyro onto the unforgiving ground.



"No, I am not taking my hand off your vocoder," Nightbeat hissed. "You've only got one volume setting. Loud."

"bmmmmp bump"

"Because I'm not exactly equipped to deal with fully armed Decepticons. All the stuff Brainstorm had required a Titan."

From beneath a jumble of rubble, Nightbeat and Roller had arrived in time to watch Ginrai's fateful landing.

"bmmp bmmmmmp"

"That's kind of morbid, even for you. But you're right, that Titan might still be operational, at least at some level. We just have to figure out how to get over there."


Chromedome got up to get to the door before Sentinel could. "I told Hardhead I'd keep an eye on you, and I meant it. Please wait for me to make sure you can leave the shuttle in relative safety."

"What's to stop them from blowing up the shuttle after we get out?"


"I know, I know. Low probability. But it's still there."

Chromedome stuck his head out, then immediately jumped out, pulling his laser carbines and aiming them up at Sixshot, adding his firepower to Bumblebee's.

Skies over Dig Site:

Hot Rod looped the sky-sled around, spying Skullcruncher. "That'll do nicely......"

"Stay focused."

"Kinda hard with you criticizin' me all the time!"

Hot Rod aimed the sky-sled at Skullcruncher, leaping off of the sled and igniting his boot jets, charging his arm cannons.
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