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Archaeological dig, Cybertron

Driveshaft and Fossar climbed the fairly steep incline of the entrance/exit tunnel. The archaeologists had dug this single shaft due to a combination of difficulties that they encountered upon landing at the site at the very edge of the Sonic Canyons, just below the now defunct Tagan Heights industrial area. The higher levels of compacted waste were patchily unstable, but became very difficult to work the lower the dig went; any significant sound was likely to be magnified by the cliffs, even given the distance between them; the ongoing possibility of anyone - or anything - stumbling across their presence.

Cybertron was not totally overrun by rampaging monstrosities and they had landed safely undetected in two landing pods which were now serving as labs for the finds. Both pods had been carefully stacked over with rubbish, but were still probably detectable from directly above by their regular shape.

There were Autobot guards in the mouth of the tunnel and in the pods.
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