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I rented, watched and re-watched it so many times as a kid that every frame of animation, line of dialogue, musical note, character, voice, animation error and story beat are burned permanently into my brain. I can seriously close my eyes and replay entire scenes in my imagination with near-perfect accuracy, and stitch together almost the entire thing front to back just from memory, and have been able to for as long as I can remember.

What I mean to say I understand completely. The 2007 live-action movie is that for me. Maybe the robot half of ROTF since I tend to fast-forward the whole 'Sam goes to school' portion. Not so much the two newer sequels simply because I haven't quite rewatched them that many times.

Originally Posted by Warcry
The first live-action movie was already pushing things, and each subsequent instalment has gotten longer and longer, leaving audiences burned out by the time they finally reach the end. The animated movie was just the right length for what it was, and finishes well before you reach the "oh god will this ever end?" stage.
It was a bit dragging on during the Junk planet scenes, but you're right. The 1986 Movie runs for one and a half hours... but the length difference honestly isn't a problem until the fourth movie. 2007 TFTM ran for 145 minutes, ROTF ran for 150 minutes, DOTM ran for 152 minutes -- not that much longer. It's AOE that really ballooned, running for 165 minutes.

I feel that the length of the movie isn't the real problem of ROTF, DOTM and AOE, though. It's the length of their climax. The first movie had Megatron wake up at around the one hour mark, leaving less than half an hour for the battle at Mission City, and even then we move back and forth to the action at Hoover Dam or Optimus at the highway, and we have some time at the end for an epilogue.

ROTF had the Egypt battle start at around the 1-hour-35-minute mark, having a climactic battle that lasted for around 30+ minutes. DOTM starts even earlier, with the battle for Chicago lasting just shy of fifty minutes. Add the extra 5-10 minutes that ROTF and DOTM have compared to the 2007 movie, and the lack of epilogue scenes, and the climax ends up having such a long, long ending fatigue feel to it.

Age of Extinction is different, because it has three points where you could say the climax began. Was it when Cade starts fighting the Cemetery Wind agents? Was it when Hound and Bumblebee began battling the KSI army? Or was it when Lockdown returned to Hong Kong? Either way, it ran for easily an hour's length of Hong Kong running and battling.
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