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I find it almost impossible to evaluate (or even discuss) the movie on it's merits. I rented, watched and re-watched it so many times as a kid that every frame of animation, line of dialogue, musical note, character, voice, animation error and story beat are burned permanently into my brain. I can seriously close my eyes and replay entire scenes in my imagination with near-perfect accuracy, and stitch together almost the entire thing front to back just from memory, and have been able to for as long as I can remember. So I'm afraid I can't argue many of your points. It's not even a movie to me anymore, it's...I don't even know. A constant of reality, almost, as stupid as that sounds.
Doesn't sound stupid to me, that's almost the exact same experience I've had with TF:TM. I even have the soundtrack memorized because I've played the CD in my car so many times. When I was in high-school I would type out the entire script word-for-word onto my graphing calculator while I was bored. I'm pretty sure I made it past the Optimus death scene all from memory.

With all the other Transformers media that we've had over the last decade, I haven't bothered to re-watch TF:TM in that entire time. I guess what newer fans might not realize is that for a long time, TF:TM and maybe Season 1 of the cartoon was the only physical form of Transformers TV that you could actually own. We had Beast Wars in the 90's, but unless you taped the reruns (which I did for some key episodes), there wasn't much else to go by.

Last year I started to re-watch all of my G1 episodes on DVD, I got about half way through Season 2 before I got distracted by other things and haven't gotten back to it. Hopefully I can pick it up again at some point, and then I do plan to watch TF:TM in between Seasons 2 and 3.
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