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My Mindwipe doesn't have any problems closing up when Vorath is sitting in his chest compartment. Are you pushing his lower legs against the feet of the chair until they "click" in?
Clearly my Worath needs to skimp on the turkey legs, blah. I vould summon the mystic povers of deceased Decepticon ancestors to shrink his legs, but that vould be a vaste of my power.

But, nah, I've tried to push those legs properly against the chair, but the pink door just refuses to close. The only way I can get my Mindwipe's door to close is to shove Vorath into the chair with his legs folded up like he's in head mode. Vorath doesn't seem any different than my other Titan Masters, and my attempt to shove Stylor in also resulted in the same, so it's something wrong with my particular copy of Mindwipe. I mean, beyond the obvious.
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