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Brainstorm gave a sigh of relief that his gambit had succeeded in saving Optimus but the sudden and violent result of Ginrai eating a faceful of hot fusion blast sobered him up rather quickly as he felt a rare surge of anger cross his mind as he subspaced out a few more of his more inventive weapons and looked around for some Decepticons to test them on.

Rushing along with Optimus he quickly caught sight of a gropu of approaching Decepticons and locked onto Scoruge and Mindwipe in particular, lifting a small fire arm, and firing two shots that were revealed to be darts at them. One green heading for Scourge, the other Red heading for Mindwipe.


Starscream was a bit surprised to see the monstrous Autobot slam into the ground below with such force. He decides to investigate, ignoring Doomshot and Megatrons command as he transformed and had his head meet him, landing next to what he assumed was Ginrai's spasming corpse, figuring it's movements were one of the last few circuits firing commands.

"What a pathetic excuse for an Autobot you make. Dropped in one shot with not so much as a whimper. You're nothing but slag." he laughed kicking the bots body with a few laughs at his own supposed superiority.


Scourge and Fracas tailed along with the others, the sweep holding his partner tightly as he tailed with Mindwipe and Deathsaurus Moving to assist his leader in his fight with the enraged leader of the Autobots only to have the small dart launched at him by Brainstorm embed itself into the top of his torso and dig in deeply.
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