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Cybertron Airspace

Some fight in them. Good.

Sixshot's concussion blasts and the returning fire from Chromedome and Bumblebee cancelled each other out, and the six-changer did not suffer any damage from those attacks as a result. He could do the sensible thing, take out the Autobot shuttle -- the eruption of the fuel tank will cause a big explosion that'll injure, if not immediately kill, the Autobots on the ground.

But that would be dishonourable. And unentertaining. So.

As he looped around in the air from his initial strafing run, Sixshot transformed out of his jet mode, wings repositioning, fuselage splitting apart, and claws extending, and landed on top of the Autobot shuttle in his beast mode. He let out a loud howl, before leaping down, claws extended, aiming to bite Chromedome in the head.

Revolver, perched on Sixshot's back with magno-clamp boots, took out his sidearm, aimed it at Bumblebee and Sari and opened fire as best as he could.

Skies Above the Archaeological Dig

Perceptor swooped down on his Sky-Sled, his flight path taking him on a different arc of descent compared to his foe, Sixshot. Primary objective: secure the archaeologists. If the others are keeping them busy, then... Perceptor frowned. Part of him really wanted to stay on the Sky Sled and take potshots at Megatron, Starscream, Deathsaurus and the other Decepticons. He really did.

But as much as Convex liked to paint him otherwise, Perceptor was still a very logical person -- and logic dictates that the priority now is to secure the objective.

Perceptor spied the pods that Driveshaft's group were using as a makeshift base, and, well, it was a decent formation, Perceptor supposed. To anyone less observant (and not hovering on a Sky Sled) it would've seemed like another pile of rubble. But Perceptor was not most people.

Perceptor's monocle zoomed in to ascertain the Autobot emblems on the guards that were hanging out nearby, and when he's satisfied, he brought his Sky Sled down to meet them. Slinging his sniper rifle onto his back, Perceptor hopped off the Sky Sled and addressed Driveshaft's group as a whole. "Greetings, friends. Perceptor, Autobot Science Division. I am to understand you have some critical information? There is a Decepticon army en route here, and I'm afraid we'll have to evacuate."
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