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(OOC: Megatron went back to tank mode -- no head right now.)

Megatron laughed in Optimus Prime's face. "Oh, I think not. This is a battle, not the gladiator stadiums of old." He shifted into reverse to avoid the Autobot leader's sword blow (though he needn't have bothered, thanks to Kaon's efforts) then fired a fusion cannon blast at the Autobot leader's midsection.

"Kaon, Grax, Starscream, fire at will. Once we've killed Optimus Prime, the other Autobots will scatter like the vermin they are."

The Decepticon leader couldn't quite resist throwing a barbed remark at his opposite number. "Really, I'm surprised to see you so upset over me killing one of your cannon fodder. I've done it so many times, surely by now you're used to it."

Mindwipe saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye and shifted, managing to -- almost by instinct -- catch the incoming dart on his shield instead of his shoulder. He eyed the new projection coming out of his protective device oddly.

"Vhat is dis?" He looked around with confusion, trying to spot the source of the strange attack.

Autobot Landing Zone

Hardhead's cannon tracked up towards Sixshot, the heavily-armoured Autobot not even attempting to evade any shots that landed near him. There was an audible clunk as a magazine of wide area suppression shells loaded, then four ear-splitting bangs as he fired. Even though they weren't deep into the Sonic Canyons yet, the sound of the cannon blasts echoed and reverberated for several seconds after the shooting itself ended.

The shells exploded half way between the cannon's barrel and Sixshot, filling the sky with a haze of razor-sharp particles that could shred an aircraft's engines and control surfaces, or a cut into a more heavily armoured warrior's skin. Hopefully, the massive Decepticon would have to break off his attack momentarily to avoid serious damage.

As his Titan concentrated on the battle, Furos called out to Bumblebee (who he recognized, by reputation anyway) and his Titan Master (who he did not).

"I'm glad you could make it," he told the smallish Autobot and his partner. "Though considering the welcome, I wouldn't blame you if you were not."

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