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(OOC: Oops, mea culpa! Murder Prime just likes going for the face too much, I guess.)

Optimus Prime growled as Kaon jumped in between him and Megatron. He fully intended on continuing on the strike regardless, aiming to slice the smaller Transformer in half -- the DJD is as bad, arguably worse, than their psychotic master, and Diac, no, Optimus, saw no problem taking one of them out. Of course, he didn't quite manage to do that. In fact, his blade didn't even manage to come into contact with Kaon at all. Optimus was forced to leap aside to avoid Megatron's fusion blast before fully swinging his sword, though, and as a result he missed Kaon entirely. As he rolled and stood up, Optimus's optics narrowed at Megatron's taunt.

Every life is precious. Optimus Prime bit back that reply -- he wasn't sure if it was the portion of him that was Diac, filled with rage and the desire to do nothing less than to blow Megatron's head apart, or if it was Optimus Prime, sad yet angered at the death of Pyro. But both parts of him knew preaching to Megatron would be akin to butting your head against a wall.

Kill one of my cannon fodder?

"Time to even the scales, Megatron." Optimus Prime growled, with a surprising ferocity that surprised himself He spun around, aiming the barrage cannons on his left hand at Starscream and opened fire at the Decepticon Seeker's chest. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, WORM!" He roared, before charging towards the direction of Kaon and swung his sword that, if it came into contact, would cut the DJD agent in half from shoulder to hip.

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