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Archaeological dig, surface

The five Autobot guards had stood their ground, watching the skies above them with weapons at the ready. They had been half-expecting an attack, because luck had to run out eventually, but they had not been expecting this.

"Perceptor," one of them acknowledged. "I'll get Tap-Out." As he turned, he spotted Driveshaft and Fossar emerging from the excavated tunnel set between the pods, quickly realising their danger. "Secure those two," he told his four fellows. "And get them to cover."

The Autobot guards hurried towards the startled archaeologists.
Archaeological dig, excavation

"You mean that, don't you?" Drill said after a long pause.

Glyph nodded. "Our commission is to investigate this site, to find out if the rumoured remains are here and return with certain specified items if they were recoverable. We just assumed it was like any other dig, if a little more difficult, to uncover Cybertronian history and fill in the gaps.

"Another quarter-vorn and we'll have that colossus out. We'll record it, recover the transforming and mesh cogs, download any programs still viable."
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