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Archaeological dig, surface

Perceptor nodded at the Autobot guards. A part of him is highly disappointed that these guards did not seem ready at all in expecting assailants from above -- what were they expecting, Sharkticons maybe? Yet another part of him told him that he wasn't so different not too long ago, naive and unassuming. Weak.

You know, Perceptor, for a person who has made claims of completely expunging your emotional cortex center, you have a not insignificant amount of personal inner turmoil. Convex's voice sounded in Perceptor's head.

Different perspectives. Comparison with past events. Merely scientific methods. Emotions do not come into play. Perceptor replied back.

Perceptor gave Driveshaft and Fossar a nod. "Do you have any form of transport at all?" After a brief nagging from Convex within his head, Perceptor added: "May I inquire as to the nature of the discovery that has brought both us and the Decepticons here?"
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