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Archaeological dig, surface

Perceptor looked at Driveshaft with a frown. Strange. But: no time to question. Decepticons are coming. But both Perceptor and Convex agreed immediately: they did not like not knowing things. The nature of the discovery, why the mine leaders are hiding it, where the information came from.

"You tell me." Perceptor told Driveshaft. "I am not aware of anything beyond that the crew of my ship was scrambled to protect your group from the Decepticons -- they are coming for you, whether this discovery exists or not, and they care not who gets trampled in the process. As for the 'locals'... I am more than aware of what they are capable of."

It is a given that I am aware. I built them. Perceptor finished in his own mind.

Guilt was, thankfully, non-existent at this point, as he aimed his sniper rifle towards the direction of the attacks, ready to snap to attention and fire onto the Decepticons should they appear.


Revolver yelped as he ducked down to avoid the cloud of shrapnel that Hardhead fired, ducking down and covering his head to avoid the huge chunks that screamed above his head. Sixshot was a lot less concerned as his claws skittered on Cybertron's ground. Several dozen pieces of shrapnel embedded themselves onto Sixshot's exostructure, but they were only skin-deep, to use a fleshling's term.

Sixshot blinked once, Chromedome's words confusing him, then growled. "Revolver..."

"What?" The panicked Revolver yelled from his seat on Sixshot's back. "Oh, Ninja Consultant thing? Is marketable, catchy focus-grouped title! Good for you! Even Autobots hear of your accomplishment."

Sixshot growled in displeasure at Revolver -- the Titan Master had tried to 'market' him out as a mercenary, much to his displeasure. For a practitioner of honourable martial arts, the smaller Decepticon was surprisingly money-minded. But he had no time to reply his partner, transforming himself into his armoured car mode, the blasts from Chromedome's carbine impacting on the more durable parts that are exposed in this mode.

He revved up his engines and shot forwards, aiming to run Chromedome down. "Tell me, Autobot -- which one of your friends did I kill?"

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