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Deathsaurus was too focused on the scene ahead to notice the projectiles that struck Scourge and Mindwipe. As he landed, he shifted back to his robot mode, with Esmeral locking into place on his shoulders. They took a second to examine the situation and get their bearings; one of the DJD agents and Megatron fighting Optimus Prime, Brainstorm off to the side of the fight, Starscream yelling at.. a big dead Optimus Prime? This last sight gave them a brief pause before they loaded a shell into their rifle (an antiquated weapon, simply firing a large hunk of metal very fast. Deathsaurus preferred his weapons simple and dependable) , took somewhat hasty aim at Brainstorm, and fired.



As explosions rocked the shuttle, Sentinel Prime rose from his seat. He'd had enough waiting around, and if they were going to drag him back into this war, than by Primus he was going to be in it. He activated his wide, double ended Energon sword and accompanying shield, and stepped out of the shuttle..

..Right into a hail of Hardhead's shrapnel shells. Sentinel grimaced. His shield caught most of it, but it was still an inauspicious start to his fight. He spotted Sixshot just as he sped towards Chromedome, and stepped off to attack. He wouldn't make it into to help Chromedome, he would have to save himself, but he hoped to at least do some damage to the sixchanger afterwards. He swung his sword in an arc that, he hoped, would cause Sixshot to drive the sword into his own windshield.
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