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Archaeological dig, surface

Driveshaft gave Perceptor's words a moment's consideration, then said, flatly: "We have no ships, only these drop pods. They're our labs and storage.

"And..." The mech paused, shook his head. "Someone needs to get a message to the dig because, I'll tell you right now, this waste area isn't going to react well to multiple surface impacts. It's still shifting under its own weight, sidewards as well as downwards, plane by plane." He lifted the toothed Cybertronium bar. "Looks like this will be our last artefact, then."

This was the astrosecond that Tap-Out exploded from the pod to which Fossar had been led. He was clearly in a belligerent mood. "What the Pit is going on!"

(ooc - remember, the pods are soundproofed and have no equipment that isn't meant for the dig; so no transmitters or radar.


Lens had dropped behind Driveshaft and Fossar in order to pull in his drones. He reviewed their footage at high speed, segued it together and produced a rough draft. He half smiled as he edited out most of Fossar's rapid chain of speculations about the Cybertronium's provenance.

Thus it was that he heard the noises filtering through the tunnel mouth sound baffles which his colleagues had missed.

"Oh, no..." he muttered and turned back downwards.
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