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Brainstorm managed to catch the sound of Deathsaurus firing on him and so quickly hit the ground before anything connected solidly with him

"I don't know what bothers me more, the fact he tried to kill me or the fact he used that mecha-fossil of a weapon to do it." he replied as he hit the switch to the darts to connect with a tether of electricity before discharging onto their targets aggresively.

But now he had to figure out a way to deal with that big lumbering behemoth with a gun that was several decades outdated. Maybe something to daze him." he muttered rummaging through his weapons and prototypes.


Scourge seemed to be destined to be the test subject for several of Brainstorm's weapons as the violent shocl he got from the dart caused him to spasm and toss Fracas who managed to get his feet under him as he watched the larger bot convulse frombthe darts repeated shocks.

Quickly thinking he poped the top off with a shot that stopped the shocks though the Sweep was not looking particularly well.


Ginrai's Crater

Starscream had managed to evaded most of the blasts coming his way through fortuitous use of his thrusters but one hit his knee and sent him flailing right on top of Ginrai which elicited a string of grumbles from the seeker as he debated brutalizing the supposed corpse just to get under Primes chassis.
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