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Battlezone: Megatron's Flank

Kaon used his Dynamo to dodge magnetize himself away from prime's swing, running up to support Grax who had relinked with SKullcruncher to fire on Optimus only to be tripped by Rodimus's Sled thing, the DJD operative helped him up "Watch it you two, who do you think has to fix that!?" Kaon Gestured to his head to emphasize.

Grax took aim at Rodimus with his rifle

Kaon ran towards Starscream to assist him in ensuring a victory for Megatron By finishing the titan master together


Battlezone: Autobot Shuttle

Bee and Sari ran/drove off in separate directions to dodge any shots from Revolver, Sari using her Scooter unit in Jetpack mode, Bee in his vehicle form.

they serpentined their routes, making themselves obvious but very difficult targets as they made for Hardhead's location Sari called out to Furos "Glad I could help, names Sa- Steelheart" she remembered her alias, she had heard Sentinel Prime was on Cybertron and didn't want to chance her presence complicating things.
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