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They're all awful toys and you know it! But seriously, I genuinely don't think I've enjoyed playing with a toy of the character since I got G2 Prime in the mid-90s.

Now, Armada Prime? I've got a great toy of him. Movie Prime? I've got one I'm really happy with, but there's tons of other good options to choose from. Optimus Primal? I've got four different versions of him and they're all at least twice as good as any of the modern G1 Optimus toys.

(The obvious solution to my problem is "Buy the Masterpiece", but the only MP Prime I've ever seen for sale was the Year of the Horse version and I'm certainly not paying the $300 or whatever he goes for online. )
I think the last Optimus I was honestly disappointed with was the Classics deluxe. The voyager hasn't aged well at all, but that's more from looking extremely 2006 than because of any engineering problems. The deluxe was just badly designed. I whole-heartedly enjoy Orion Pax and Powermaster Prime. The RTS Laser Rod figure is pretty fun, although it tries some tricks far too elaborate for its size class to pull off. This Prime though, I don't know. I recognize and even agree with most of the faults you mentioned, but I still think he's a lot of fun. I think part of it is because I got the new Megatron at the same time, and they pair together very well (Megs is the more well engineered of the two, though). It's weirdly rare that we actually get a G1 Megatron and Prime released alongside each other. The last time in retail figures was those RTS legends, I think. And then what, Classics? And then before that the G2 hero figures? It's a weirdly rare thing, especially considering how many toys of each of those clowns we've gotten seperately.

Anyway, Takara rereleases MP-10 pretty regularly, and you can nab him for $150-200 depending on the Yen exchange. You may not trust my Optimus-opinions after that last paragraph, but he's good.
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