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HM/MF/V were dubbed by a Southeast Asian company, a Hong Kong one I think, who also dubbed a lot of movie from that region, including the Riki-Oh movie. So obviously their voice acting isn't quite up to par with a company like Fox Kids, which is the opposite; awful translations, competent voice actors.

Then again, when they just make up the character names, can you really call it a competent translation either?

While the Shout! releases are tempting from a technical perspective, the fact that they (apparently under Hasbro mandate) shoehorned IDW terminology into the translations where they have no business being is a massive turnoff.

Originally Posted by Heinrad View Post
We're not there yet. We're on Headmasters. I'd forgotten exactly how nuts this one is. Of the three series, it's probably the ugliest. And yet it's huge in terms of scope. Alien races, Battle Beasts, crazed schemes, Mindwipe accidentally hypnotizing Skullcruncher half the time.....

And yet.... It feels like the season 4 we could have had. Other than a more overarching plot line, and some really odd dialogue, there's a definate feel of season 3.

And a feeling that whoever wrote it was desperately trying to mimic the way the US cartoon worked.
That's probably why I like Headmasters so much.

Well, maybe "like" is a bit too strong a word. It obviously has it's flaws with characters acting like idiots for the sake of plot, but I still don't think it's quite as bad as people seem to think. Then again, I also think it's better than Victory, putting me in the minority.

It doesn't help that the official subtitles aren't that great either. I remember there was a name or something they didn't bother to actually translate - by which I mean they didn't include it in the freakin' subtitles at all so in the end you have no idea what the thing is actually called unless you actually pay attention to the Japanese dialogue and can tell which word it is. Or you can just go to TFwiki, but I'd rather not.
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