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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
Wait, wait, what?

I have been playing Murder Prime all wrong in the RPG....

Don't go overboard with it. Some of the TMs have ridiculous powers in their toy bios that would verge on the gamebreaking. Furos instantly heals any larger robot he connects to, Monxo can rewind time, Xort can create artificial gravity, Fracas can steal everyone else's powers, Hyperfire turns you into The Flash...and then you have weak-ass ones like Nucleon or Apex who just make their partners slightly more powerful with no real specifics.

Originally Posted by tahukanuva View Post
I think the last Optimus I was honestly disappointed with was the Classics deluxe. The voyager hasn't aged well at all, but that's more from looking extremely 2006 than because of any engineering problems. The deluxe was just badly designed. I whole-heartedly enjoy Orion Pax and Powermaster Prime. The RTS Laser Rod figure is pretty fun, although it tries some tricks far too elaborate for its size class to pull off. This Prime though, I don't know. I recognize and even agree with most of the faults you mentioned, but I still think he's a lot of fun. I think part of it is because I got the new Megatron at the same time, and they pair together very well (Megs is the more well engineered of the two, though).
The Classics Deluxe is probably the most frustrating of the bunch because it's so close to being really, really good. It's got a G1-style transformation, a G1-style robot mode and absolutely no kibble, which is exactly the foundation you'd look for in a good toy of G1 Prime. But the action gimmick that doesn't lock down properly makes the robot mode incredibly frustrating to handle, and the truck mode is kind of a disaster. It's an improvement on the Robot Masters attempt but still way off of being a good toy.

But the Classics Voyager is just disappointing all around too. It's just go so much kibble! One of my favourite things about G1 Prime is how his robot mode makes such good use of every part of the truck mode, that I just can't get behind a figure that just leaves half of it hanging off his arms and back. I don't actually own any examples of this mold though, so I understand it may be fun enough in-hand to overlook that.

RTS Laser Prime is a really good example of everything that tended to go wrong with Transformers design at the time. We got a lot of great toys in that era but also a lot (like him) that tried to cram too much complexity and too many moving parts into too small a package, turning figures that would have made good Voyagers into frustrating, wobbly Deluxes instead. The same sort of thing can be said for WFC Prime, actually -- a bigger toy with the same design would be a lot more fun to handle.

I want to want PM Prime, because that was my Optimus as a kid, but it just really puts me off every time I look at it in store. The squinty windows, the funky chest plate, the too-tall head, the lack of ankle tilts, the unappealing brownish grey plastic, the weak-ass base mode. Ginrai addresses most of those problems but then Takara turned around and gave him those stumpy hooves that he apparently doesn't stand too well on, to make the combined mode work. And I've got zero interest in adding Godbomber because then he doesn't look like my childhood Optimus.

Originally Posted by tahukanuva View Post
It's weirdly rare that we actually get a G1 Megatron and Prime released alongside each other. The last time in retail figures was those RTS legends, I think. And then what, Classics? And then before that the G2 hero figures? It's a weirdly rare thing, especially considering how many toys of each of those clowns we've gotten seperately.
We got CW Prime and Leader Megatron at around the same time, though they're not really counterparts to one another the way the figures you're talking about are. Same goes for Orion Pax and Bomber Megatron...came out at the same time but don't go together at all.

[EDIT]TR Megatron definitely looks a lot more appealing than this Prime does, and I think he carries off the mold better than Blitzwing. Starting to doubt I'll see any in person, though. Wave four is already popping up around the country and the TR shelves are still pretty much bare, with wave 3 stuff only popping up one case at a time and disappearing immediately. I'm starting to suspect that they're going to be full of Sky Shadow, Quake, Broadside and co. once they finally get refilled.

Originally Posted by tahukanuva View Post
Anyway, Takara rereleases MP-10 pretty regularly, and you can nab him for $150-200 depending on the Yen exchange. You may not trust my Optimus-opinions after that last paragraph, but he's good.
That translates to well over $200 here I'm afraid, or at least it did when I checked a year or two ago. I think the cheapest I found him for was $225 Canadian plus shipping plus probably import taxes on top of that, which ends up creeping pretty close to that $300 mark. I know he's good but I just don't like the character that much. If I could get one for the $150-$170 Canadian range that I picked up Soundwave or Shockwave for, that would be another story, but unfortunately that's not going to happen as long as they insist on releasing him along with that stupid giant trailer that almost no one actually does anything with.

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