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Don't go overboard with it. Some of the TMs have ridiculous powers in their toy bios that would verge on the gamebreaking.
Man, you're just sad Vorath and Doomshot don't give Mindwipe and Megatron anything that they don't already do.

I mean, Diac lets Optimus Prime teleport around the battlefield, and Doomshot... lets Megatron shoot bigger fusion fireballs. Well. (In all seriousness, though, I don't really see Optimus gaining teleportation powers, at least not in the current battle.)

I really need to look up what Convex and Revolver can do... oh, Revolver just gives Sixshot ninjutsu, so I'm already playing him right. Convex lets Perceptor be the Atom.

Originally Posted by Warcry
But the Classics Voyager is just disappointing all around too. It's just go so much kibble! One of my favourite things about G1 Prime is how his robot mode makes such good use of every part of the truck mode, that I just can't get behind a figure that just leaves half of it hanging off his arms and back. I don't actually own any examples of this mold though, so I understand it may be fun enough in-hand to overlook that.
The only copy of that mould is Nemesis Prime from Universe, and I think the prettier paintjob made him visually more appealing -- the actual Classics Prime had yellow bits randomly on his body, and the huge kibble-chunks on his arms being blue in stark contrast to Optimus's forearms, whereas Nemesis has the forearms be black and the kibble be dark blue, which is a lot less noticeable...

I personally didn't find the kibble a huge dealbreaker personally -- it's still a solid toy, with my only real complaints being his crappy-looking forearms. That said, though, it is inferior to three other Voyager-class Optimi I own: the movies' Battle Blades Optimus Prime; the Animated Wingblade Prime; and Prime's First Edition Prime, all of which do everything the Classics Voyager mould does, except without a kibbly robot mode, far superior articulation and a lot more accessories... which is reasonable, though, considering those other three Primes I listed are from 2010, 2008 and 2012 respectively, half a decade's worth of improvement from Classics Voyager Prime.

I think Classics Voyager Prime isn't necessarily a bad toy like the WFC or Classics Deluxe -- which are both toys I owned and quickly parted ways with considering how crap they are -- it's just like that, like Tahukanuva said, hasn't aged particularly well.
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