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I mean, Diac lets Optimus Prime teleport around the battlefield, and Doomshot... lets Megatron shoot bigger fusion fireballs. Well. (In all seriousness, though, I don't really see Optimus gaining teleportation powers, at least not in the current battle.)
I'm not actually sure how Doomshot could possibly make Megatron's fusion cannon more powerful, short of instantly vaporizing anything it hits. It's already made out to be the most powerful weapon in the Transformers canon. Ironically, in the RPG I'm actually treating it as more powerful in tank mode when Doomshot isn't connected, so I'm doing it exactly backwards of how it should be! But then my Doomshot also has a little flame-and-venom-spewing dino-dragon pet, so it's not like he needs anything else to make him cool.

I was actually kinda annoyed when I read TR Mindwipe's packaging bio and saw that they'd switched Vorath and Mindwipe around power-wise. Vorath brings focus and maturity, not hypnosis!

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I think Classics Voyager Prime isn't necessarily a bad toy like the WFC or Classics Deluxe -- which are both toys I owned and quickly parted ways with considering how crap they are -- it's just like that, like Tahukanuva said, hasn't aged particularly well.
Yeah, by the standards of it's day it's not a bad toy. But none of the Classics figures have aged particularly well. Not much from those years really has. While both the Beast era and the post 2007 movie era (up until the DOTM change in philosophy) both gave us more than their share of timeless classic figures, not much from the Unicron Trilogy stands out all that much a decade on. And even though it starred familiar characters and didn't have any gimmicks, Classics was an evolution of UT design sensibilities more than anything else.
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