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The Octane prototype they showed off last weekend looked a bit better. The bigger wings hid the truck cab a bit better in jet mode, the new cockpit gives it a nicer outline and it didn't seem to have the same "half painted tanker" issue as Optimus. But even if the new parts are as nice as they look and Hasbro tightens up the QC so the figure can actually stand and hold its weapons out of the box, the truck mode's still going to be a joke and I don't think there's anything they can do to push any version of this figure up above maaaybe 5/10 territory. And odds are half of the paint apps will disappear between now and when it hits retail, so...

Cybertron Optimus is a damned fine-looking figure, but it doesn't really fill the G1 Optimus-shaped holes in my collection. I've got good toys of other Optimuses for sure (Battle Blades Movie Prime and Deluxe Armada Prime are two of my favourite toys ever) but G1 Prime? Nada.
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