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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I'm not actually sure how Doomshot could possibly make Megatron's fusion cannon more powerful, short of instantly vaporizing anything it hits.
Yeah, like, this already super-powerful weapon? Let's make it stronger, instead of giving Megatron actually useful powers he doesn't already have like stopping time or teleportation or super-speed.

Originally Posted by Warcry
But then my Doomshot also has a little flame-and-venom-spewing dino-dragon pet, so it's not like he needs anything else to make him cool.
Your RPG Doomshot is straight-up Beast Wars Megatron, which makes him automatically cooler than the dude he's bonded to.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Optimus did get a really awesome toy 11 years ago in Cybertron. That's still my favourite modern Optimus toy. Good play features, cool powered up mode and a very striking alt mode (space fire engine!).
Cybertron Optimus Prime is awesome! I don't own one, but man, it does look like a pretty awesome toy. But I think Warcry's point is that, short of the Masterpieces, there aren't any good modern redesigns of G1 Optimus Prime in the Generations/Classics/Universe whatever toylines, whereas all other important characters already got those.

We've had a lot of great Optimus Prime over the years, just none of them that are G1: Armada Deluxe Optimus Prime, Cybertron's Leader Optimus Prime, Prime's First Edition Optimus Prime, the Movies have ROTF's Leader/Buster Optimus Prime and 2010's Battle Blades Optimus Prime, all of which are super-amazing toys, not to mention Optimus Primal toys that are released in between all that. Just, y'know, none of them represent the G1 Prime.

But then I'm a huge hipster who prefers the Movie, Animated, Prime, Beast-era and even Unicron Trilogy versions of Optimus Prime to the original. So, uh, it's not something I'm particularly bothered with.
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