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I've been really trying to get into RID, but its hard work. The cartoon (on the two DVDs I've watched) is enjoyable enough -although Strongarm being a collection of quirks rather than an actual character is annoying for a central female role- and the villains are easily the most fun part of the show, but it just doesn't linger in the memory like Prime did. The toys all feel a little under-cooked too, and aside from Scorponok, I've now sold all mine on. There is an impressive one out at the moment, but its one of those pretool figures with a mould that's so obviously intended to be another character, you wonder why they bothered. I can't recall the character's name, but just looked at it and went "Autobot Bludgeon".

As RID is a direct continuation of Prime, its a bit odd they've made this version of Starscream look so traditional.
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