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I tried getting into RID, but I couldn't make it past the first episode. I dunno... we've done the huge 'continuation but with a very different premise' thing with G1 from season 2 to season 3, from Beast Wars to Beast Machines, and from Armada to Energon, but I just felt RID was such a huge, huge leap. Very few of the main cast from Prime made the jump from Prime to RID (and talky Bumblebee is just strange), the art style is almost completely changed, and even the general feel of the show felt like it should have been a reboot.

And most of all, I just feel hatred for this particular leg of the franchise thanks to the sheer amount of toys swarming the shelves -- which isn't the show's fault, of course -- but damn it, at least have some variations of the characters instead of just having five characters represented in all the different size classes.

I suspect I'll get to watching the show in the end, but it'll be later than sooner.
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