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Shame. I really want a good Galvatron figure, as the only one I have is the rubbish, over-engineered mess from Universe 2.0, but I guess I'll just have to keep waiting because from your review it seems that Galvy's only good for his robot mode, and even then that is problematic.

Shit, forget Optimus Prime, I've just realized how under-represented Galvatron is in the Classics/Generations line. He's got a grand total of two crap toys over the years, didn't he? Plus a cursory head in the Combiner Cyclonus? Poor dude. Comparing that to the rest of the 1986 movie cast, where they all at least have at least one decent mould over the line's ten-year history, poor, poor Galvatron just can't catch a break.
He looks good, but is just a disappointing figure in hand. It's a shame because there's the germ of a good figure in there. He's going to be one of the rubbish Transformers I hold onto just because his inherent crapness is endearing.
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