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Headmasters is now over. Good guys win, bad guys lose, just about every character that got tossed aside shows back up to remind us they're still there(either as a bone to the fan base or a Takara mandate to get what's left of the old stock moving), the writers saying screw it and giving up trying to imitate the U.S. Series, the art team giving up trying to make it look like season 3.....

But does the ending save it? Does it make up for the just general insanity of the last 25 to 30 episodes?

To me, kind of. As Brend put it, it is more or less a garbage fire in terms of anything at all making sense. The dub makes it tolerable simply for unintended comedy value. At least, I guess it wasn't intended.

It does some stuff well. It builds on the intergalactic scope of things. Yeah, Battle Beasts and Bee People are odd, but it's imaginative.

Strangely enough, my favorite thing in it is still Chromedome. They wind up doing with him what I think they wanted to do with Roddy in season 3. At the start, he's rash, impulsive, and prone to charging off to fight the enemy. By the end, he's grown and matured somewhat. That being said, his character growth really starts once the writers gave up trying to mimic the U.S. series. Roddy's downfall was more the nature of syndication and the fact that the episodes were more or less standalone, and lots of letters from distraught children. And distraught parents. And possibly distraught toy store owners who wound up with lots of space Winnebagos on their shelves.

And now I'm into Masterforce. The art's much better, although I can tell the B team's already come in for art duties. They're keeping the scope small to start with, they've done the typical trope of giving teenagers who've probably had no driver's ed classes cars(I'm not even sure Cab/Hosehead had ever seen a car before...... you can tell his parents hated him in the dub. Who names their kid Hosehead? At least Minerva manages to pass Nightbeat off more as a nickname), and the villains of the piece so far are reasonably intelligent. As memory serves, they go through the worst character degradation in anime history once more of the story unfolds, but for now Bombburst and his buddies are an actual threat.

But while I think Masterforce is my favorite of the three series, it's theme is the worst. Especially with the subtitles. Headmasters is 80s Rock, Victory is catchy at levels that only the DuckTales theme can hit, Masterforce..... isn't. It's way too sedate, and the lyrics are worrying.

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