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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I think it's impact as an intended grand finale also suffers from knowing the current X-films are set earlier. Jackman could presumably show up in any and all of them if they threw enough money at him.
Its intent is a "last Wolverine" film, rather than as an X-Men finale. The current X-movies are still in the timeline before Wolverine joins the team, and if Jackman's done with the role it makes sense to give a sense of closure.

I'm a big fan of them going "look, the superhero attempts at this have been rubbish, let's just do a western about a retired gunfighter who thinks he's left it all behind but his past catches up to him... but it just so happens he's a superhero instead of a gunfighter".

And the villains are terrible. The henchman is the best developed out of the three. The Surprise Baddy (though a marvellous WTF moment when they first appear) is mute and doesn't feel that tough, and Grant as mentioned has has nothing.
It's a good thing you've not seen Apocalypse. The post-credits scene acts as set-up for this movie in a way that would completely misled you. It explains where they get Wolverine's blood (which you don't really need to know), but in a manner that invokes the name of Nathaniel Essex, so when Richard E Grant isn't actually Mr Sinister it's an even bigger swerve.

I mean crowbarring the character of Sinister into this would have been Bad, but if you felt disappointed by the situation as is, imagine adding that to proceedings.

As far as the underwhelmingness you've got from it goes... I feel that might be sort of the point. The big depressing underwhelming "nothing's as spectacular as you'd expect it to be... life's just a bit shit" vibe is a common theme in westerns. The "oh, is that it?" vibe adds a bit more realism to proceedings.

I think it is a Good Film. But I hated Shane with a fiery passion (mostly because of the kid) so it loses points for reminding me that was a thing.
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