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Question External hard drive for media storage

I need help...

Not that kind of help... hm, though... heh...

As part of my minimalising process*, I'm in the market to purchase a new desk top external hard drive on which to store my movies and music. Intrigued by the Seagate 8TB, but I'm not sure it's the right one. I've no Blurays; I do have multilayer animation, though. And I've a lot of stuff to store, so much that my old 2TB Seagate is, well, stuffed.

An alternative is to purchase several drives to pop into my newly-built gaming pc, which has capacity for five, but currently has only one.

I have max 250 to chuck at this.

Any suggestions, please? Clean ones, that is.

*The minimalism challenge is to own just 100 possessions: 1 is my library, physical, and another my library, Kindle: I'm planning on another 1 being a massive hard drive

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