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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Its intent is a "last Wolverine" film, rather than as an X-Men finale. The current X-movies are still in the timeline before Wolverine joins the team, and if Jackman's done with the role it makes sense to give a sense of closure.
Mind, I'd say it really is as much of an X-Men finale as it is a Wolverine one. He's the only character/actor in all the films to date, and perhaps more importantly he's the only one to actually remember the majority (I'm not sure about Apocalypse) of the films as we saw them. Even if they carry on doing past films it's really very much the end of an era for them in a big way.

It's a good thing you've not seen Apocalypse. The post-credits scene acts as set-up for this movie in a way that would completely misled you. It explains where they get Wolverine's blood (which you don't really need to know), but in a manner that invokes the name of Nathaniel Essex, so when Richard E Grant isn't actually Mr Sinister it's an even bigger swerve.
Everyone seems to think it's a good thing not to watch Apocalypse!

I must admit I'm not familiar with Mr Sinister (though if he's a classic X-villain I must have read some comics with him in) so it probably wouldn't have made much difference.

Apparently Caliban was in Apocalypse as well, but as a very different type of character? You'd have thought they'd have learnt the lessons from the lack of cooridination between films that led to them needing to do a reset with DoFP in the first place.

I think it is a Good Film. But I hated Shane with a fiery passion (mostly because of the kid) so it loses points for reminding me that was a thing.
I think a rewatch at some point will probably help on a few things I wasn't clear on (either the sound wasn't very good on my screening or I Am Old).

SPOILER! (select to read)
I wasn't sure why Canada was seen as a safe haven (wouldn't the baddies just cross the border and carry on the pursuit as they amoral bastards? They were happy to go into Mexico after all), nor why they were trying so hard to capture X-23 alive when they only wanted to kill the kids anyway.

I was wondering if the Shane thing was down to Patrick Stewart, he's a big fan. When he directed The Next Generation's western episode he even cheerfully stole some of the shots from it.
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