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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Mind, I'd say it really is as much of an X-Men finale as it is a Wolverine one.
Sidenote here about Logan working as a completely standalone film in a way none of the others do; divorced as it is from any real involvement with anything that came before (which isn't covered tangentially in dialogue).

He's the only character/actor in all the films to date
Pssst, he's not in Deadpool. Well, his face is, but he... look, shut up.

perhaps more importantly he's the only one to actually remember the majority (I'm not sure about Apocalypse) of the films as we saw them. Even if they carry on doing past films it's really very much the end of an era for them in a big way.
Point was that they've already backdoored the next generation of X-stuff (three movies down already, the next in production), with Jackman reduced to cameo stuff in two of them. Logan serves more as a curtain on Jackman's stuff than the era in general. If you want a grand finale for the entire franchise (as was), then Days of Future Past is it. Logan is more a coda for that specific character, and given Fox's approach to continuity then who's to say it can't be completely ignored down the line anyway.

Anyway, spoilers for Apocalypse tagged as follows, ref the "how much he remembers" question/

SPOILER! (select to read)
There's a sequence in Apocalypse where kidnapped 80s X-Kids are taken to the Weapon X facility, for no other plot reason other than so they can escape and in the process free Wolverine from his experiment-driven captivity. Jean calms him down with MIND POWER (or something, I've only seen it once and it's very boring) and he walks off mostly-nekkid into the Canadian snow.

In the post-credits sequence, somebody representing Nathaniel Essex turns up at Weapon X and grabs some vials of Wolverine's blood.

That's basically the extent of his involvement in the movie, so draw your own conclusions about how important "what he remembers" is to the overall... well, pretending Fox's X-movies have an overall plot/arc/whatever is hilarious, but let's go with story.

SPOILER! (select to read)
I wasn't sure why Canada was seen as a safe haven (wouldn't the baddies just cross the border and carry on the pursuit as they amoral bastards? They were happy to go into Mexico after all), nor why they were trying so hard to capture X-23 alive when they only wanted to kill the kids anyway.
The kids were being held in Mexico, which is where the company was based... and the pursuants are US residents. So presumably an immigration thing and once they get across to the next country then they become refugees seeking asylum rather than illegal immigrants?

Was quite muddy, could have been explained better.

I was wondering if the Shane thing was down to Patrick Stewart, he's a big fan. When he directed The Next Generation's western episode he even cheerfully stole some of the shots from it.
Tricky to say, though given the similarities in narrative and closing dialogue, I'd be surprised if its inclusion was solely because one of the supporting cast liked it. Would presume a happy coincidence until confirmed otherwise.
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