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And 100Gb music is mightily impressive. I'm only on about 12Gb. What format & bit rate do you save at? Mine are all Mp3 between 160-192 on average, and I'm dreading resaving them all again at proper 'forever' quality. I'm guessing you've long been an Ogg Vorbis or flacc kinda guy!
There's a bit of that with some Bandcamp purchases, but it's mostly just about 18K individual files. Vast majority ripped as LAME alt present standard VBR MP3.

"Forever" is still CDs and DVDs generally, personally. For actual listening or watching good MP3s are fine, or it's often easier to download something than find the DVD.

I remember our Art class at school had Archies, and they had an awesome graphics program running (though I can never rememb the name of the package).
Probably this -- ?

A couple of years ago I met the guy who wrote Chocks Away, Starfighter and Streetracer 2000 for the Archimedes. Really cool, very inspirational and self-taught.
Mmm, lot of very smart people who went on to interesting things. Also sadly a fair few deaths -- Dave Holden of APDL, Paul Vigay, etc. and not just because of the older demographic.

is Android 6.0 any good when it comes to the adoptable storage?
I've mainly gone with Nexus devices (plus a display unit Galaxy A5 for portability) so mine either don't leave the house and can stream from Samba network shares or it's easy enough to load up an SD card.

What's the usage case? For anything much more than consumption, but portable, a laptop or that sort of tablet is probably a better bet. Pick something with Intel hardware for best compatibility and you're not limited to Windows -- quite happily have Linux on one of Lenovo's entry level Yoga machines.

Originally Posted by Clogs
the desktop one is a brick: a really good quality brick. That's in: just as big as and heavy as.
Will take that a recommendation -- although I'm a bit wary of larger drives for the moment. Still an annoying general lack of alternative multi-terabyte options, though.
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