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Originally Posted by Blitzwing View Post
I've been pretty happy with the line so far. I just picked up Hot Rod this week and I do have one complaint though. I'm not really a fan of the way most of the cars (Hot Rod, Breakaway, Chromedome) don't really try to incorporate their guns into their vehicle modes.
I think Hot Rod is fine, since his guns were designed to mount on his engine block like his Targetmaster partner used to do back in the day. It's a little awkward but it pushes the right nostalgic buttons for me, at least, since I grew up with TM Hot Rod. But in general you're right. The car-bots in the last few waves have done very little to hide or integrate their weapons. Most of them ruin the car-mode look if they're attached.

I think that might be because the weapons have been so substantial lately, though. It's a lot easier to hide the tiny little pistol that Universe Sunstreaker came with than it is CW Streetwise's shotgun or TR Hot Rod's giant rifles.

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Anyone else really like Kup or is it just me? Seen a fair few negative or meh comments online but I think it captures and updates the original toy really well.
If Kup had grey arms all the way down like the toy, it'd look great. As-is there's too much teal for my liking, at least in pics. I like that they attempted the toy look (having grown up with a TM Kup alongside that Hot Rod) but I don't think they quite pulled it off.
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