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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Randy Bishop.

Christ though, imagine wishing for Stan Bush levels of success.
Actually, there's a massive AOR 'scene' at the moment, a hankering for eighties-style melodic rock of the type that appeared in the movie. There are magazines that cater to this fanbase (Classic Rock AOR, Fireworks), and many great new bands that deliberately ape this style (Reckless Love, Houston and H.e.a.t are three of the best right now). Stan Bush is never going to be a superstar, but he's a big name in AOR circles, and the retro rock label Rock Candy have recently re-released his first two albums.

Whilst Stan Bush has been releasing a constant stream of new albums since the early eighties, Kick Axe have only a single 'comeback album' to their name in the early 2000s. Other than NRG (who were mega-obscure to begin with and still are!), Kick Axe are the only act from the movie soundtrack who never really kicked on with their careers - Bush, Yankovic, DiCola and the various members of Lion have all done a heck of a lot more than Kick Axe in the intervening years!

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