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Lightbulb External Hard Drive 4 Media Storage

Originally Posted by Clogs View Post
I need help...

Not that kind of help... hm, though... heh...

As part of my minimalising process*, I'm in the market to purchase a new desk top external hard drive on which to store my movies and music. Intrigued by the Seagate 8TB, but I'm not sure it's the right one. I've no Blurays; I do have multilayer animation, though. And I've a lot of stuff to store, so much that my old 2TB Seagate is, well, stuffed.

An alternative is to purchase several drives to pop into my newly-built gaming pc, which has capacity for five, but currently has only one.

I have max 250 to chuck at this.

Any suggestions, please? Clean ones, that is.

*The minimalism challenge is to own just 100 possessions: 1 is my library, physical, and another my library, Kindle: I'm planning on another 1 being a massive hard drive

Wow, if you had lived over here in the USA, I would have suggested that you visit either OfficeMax or Staples; they have some of the best deals on external hard drives out there. Their products are usually high quality but at low prices; I personally have never had any problems with any of their products, but then, I can only speak for myself. If I'm not mistaken, many of their drives can go up to four (or more) terabytes of digital memory. I'm fixing to buy at least FOUR external hard drives from those companies myself - along with a very large All-in-One and a (Dell) touchscreen computer laptop with a CD-ROM/CD/DVD drive with ports for everything else.

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