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How many of those that he did post-becoming aware of the following The Movie has developed (say, after 2000) don't include at least a small desperate attempt to ride on its coattails?
Err... very few!

IIRC there was a concerted effort by 3H (the then-organisers of Botcon) to do some CDs of movie music in 2001, for the film's 15th anniversary. As well as bringing out the very first CD release of the DiCola score, they also released an 'outtakes, demos and rarities' CD (The Protoform Sessions), and a CD of Vince DiCola reinterpreting the score as solo piano pieces (Artistic Transformations, a fantastic album). On the Stan Bush side of things, they arranged a compilation called Call to Action, which included new remixes of his two big songs, plus a track called Ground Zero, which became the official theme of Botcon.

I think this effort by 3H is what opened Stan and Vince's eyes to the fandom at large. Since 2001, The Touch (or variations thereof) have appeared on studio albums such as Capture the Dream, In This Life and Dream the Dream. Ground Zero was reworked into another song, called Til All Are One, which was used in those Transformers video games a few years back.

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