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Close Encounters of the Third Kind! The original theatrical version.

I hadn't seen this movie in years since I got the Director's Cut VHS waaaay back, and it bugged me that it was missing the ending I had seen on television, and I got the blu-ray box set which has all three versions on it sometime last year from a used video store in exchange for a bunch of DVDs I took there as an experiment (turns out they're worth even less there than trying to auction them off, unless I trade them, so I grabbed this and Fight Club on blu).

Having watched it after all these years, it's obvious that my impressions of the going-ons have changed as an adult; for example, something I never thought of as a child, was the way Roy's wife running off with the kid is just a plot device to free him so he can go Wyoming. And when all the abductees are returned, they're not exactly coming back to the world they once knew.
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