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I has bought some records recently! I got some old ones, but aside from Credit To The Nation and Fun-Da-Mental, I can't remember who else I'd bought and listened to, so they'll have to wait.

Hellyeah - 'Undeniable' (2016)
Going to see these with a chum in the next couple of weeks, so thought I'd best familarise myself with their oeuvre. This is really good!I love the groove and swagger of this lot. Really looking forward to seeing them and I've already forgotten that Chad Gray used to be painted up like a cow in third-rate Slipknot wannabes Mudvayne! Hooray!

Ming City Rockers - 'Lemon' (2016)
Aces grungey/ garagey rock 'n' roll by a band with a terrible name. Which was a good job, as this was a record I bought just because I liked the cheery rubber duck on the cover.

Misty Miller - 'The Whole Family Is Worried' (2016)
Nice bit of alt-rock not a million miles from early PJ Harvey / Manics, by professional Brian Molko look-a-like Misty.

Babymetal - 'Live At Wembley' (2016)
Currently found at giveaway prices at record shops up and down the land, and I can kind of see why. The live show is utterly faultless, to the point that it's a bit lacking in life. Although it is great to hear a load of burly metalheads singing along

Pete Tong with the Heritage Orchestra - 'Classic House' (2016)
Oh my God this is awesome.Everyone should have a copy. Its such a simple and obvious idea, playing all those cracking house records that had sampled orchestral sounds ... and having an actual proper orchestra play them. Sounds magic. Best this would be the most awesome thing live. If you're not convinced, look up 'Good Life' (sung here by Katy B) which is the standout tune off the album.

Once Human - 'Evolution' (2017)
Brutal second album from OH which is even more ferocious than the first. Good start to 2017!

Depeche Mode - 'Spirit' (2017)
I have spells of flitting in and out of listening to Depeche Mode. For me, they weren't much good until the pairing of 'Violator' and 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'... and then I just wandered off until 'Exciter' and and hadn't though much about them since, but this caught my ear. Its a good album, but I do find the anti-establishment theme and trying to whip up support for a revolution slightly comical. Only because its Depeche Mode, who are a bit silly. Best description of them I ever heard was 'Goth music for Mondeo drivers', and that holds true here.

Pulled Apart By Horses - 'The Haze' (2017)
I had to ask a music shop bod who this was playing over the PA, as it sounded familar but I couldn't put my finger on it. And was then a bit embarrassed to be told it was PABH, who I like. I think because their last outing was a bit low key by their standards, this caught me off-guard. Its not quite back to the full throttle ramalama of their earlier stuff, but a nice fuzzed-up middle ground.

The Charm The Fury - 'The Sick, Dumb & Happy' (2017)
Neat crunchy sounding metal from Amsterdam. Very heavy, but with plenty of hooks and melody. The album could have done with peppering the singles out a little more evenly, as the back half of the album is a bit forgettable, but otherwise this is pretty mega.

And because there seems to be a metric tonne of these everywhere, I picked up....

Top Of The Pops 1990 - 1994
Funny that you forget mainstream pop of this era was a right old mish-mash of stuff. Hi-NRG dance tunes, Gangsta rap, boy bands (Let Loose!) and hairy arsed rock balladry that sounds out of place in the day-glo era of the early '90s. Minus points for including the B-52s 'Love Shack' (from 1989) , not including Bryan Adams 'Everything I Do (I do it for you)' and the inclusion of Heaven 17s 1993 remixed and re-released 'Temptation' (couldn't they have picked something else?).

Top Of The Pops - 1985 - 1989
The third disc in this set is brilliant - so much overwrought power balladry in one place!This is where all those 'drivetime' albums originate!Don't think there was any need to include two Robert Palmer songs though. Although why didn't they pick 'Americanos' for Holly Johnson, rather than the forgettable 'Love Train' ? Funny business, compilations....

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