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Honestly, the go-to solution nowadays would probably be CAD software and a cheap 3D printer. You could make your own molds (I know Clay has from time to time) but it's probably a lot more work.
Steel moulds are probably beyond budget, but you could start off with a mix and match approach -- duplicate parts, adjust the moulds or work with the copies, etc.

Much easier to start with existing parts and customize.
Sketchup is a free 3d modeling program.

New mold creation and duplication for the DIY crowd is at the moment limited by cost of equipment. Basically, make a design in a CAD program like the above, and then have it printed by shapeways or some service like it if you don't have your own 3d printer.

The problem with making silicone molds and casting parts out of resin is that they're not injection molded like factory stuff. In other words, you're limited to five sides of a cube since you won't get any detail on the surface you're pouring the resin into.

Thank you very much, everybody! I will explore all of the options that you suggested. Y'all here at TFArchive are always great to talk to and get advice from!

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