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*dusts off thread*

While not on the scale of MP Rodimus, it sounds like MP Megatron is a "known issues" style QC deal.

Have had the following mailshot from Kapow re the item [edited for stuff]

Below are some pointers to help you enjoy your item and use it correctly, please take the time to read through them as the information contained within is important.

1) Repeated transformation may result in some minor paint flaking or scratching, please be aware of this before deciding to transform the product back and forth, any paint flaking caused by repeated transformation is not covered under the returns policy.

2) The figure itself is one of the most involved designs so far and is not classed as a toy, repeated transformation of the figure is done at your own risk so please be aware that the gun barrel itself is incredibly delicate and will damage if mishandled or undue force or pressure is placed upon it. The hip area is also fragile so please take care when transforming and do not use any heavy pressure or force the movement. Any damage caused in this way is not covered by our returns policy.

3) The kit included to form the gun barrel silencer, stock and scope are a very tight fit, we recommend that repeated connection of these parts is not undertaken if you wish to avoid scratching to the paint or possible damage to the scope mount or gun barrel itself. Use of the silencer kit resulting in damage is not covered under our returns policy.
Email then very kindly gives buyers the option to cancel their order or return it unopened if the above causes them a problem.

I'd imagine it's a far sturdier piece than Apollyon, though its nice that the proper replacement will still have the "if you transform him, he'll die!" element in place.

I suppose "engineering it so nobody will want to transform it to gun mode" is one way to deal with toy gun safety laws.
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