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Read the Wanted book!

After finding the story a real drag when I did it at a weekly rate for the blog, I was wondering if hitting it all in one go again would help it read better.

Not really, it just hit how repetitive the whole thing is (run up and down that volcano guys, it's good exercise). Nice first issue, good Death's Head (though objectively he gets a lot of focus in that first two parter compared to what he actually contributes) and some very nice Geoff Senior art--though the first Galvatron/Magnus fight looks very washed out in my copy, though less like a general printing fault and more the ink in the printer was starting to run out--but a very bloated arc. Even if Furman writing an extended love letter to A View to a Kill is actually very funny in and of itself (though the empty headed blond geologist didn't have to be carried over so closely!).

King of the Hill is actually probably my favourite thing in the book. It's silly as hell, but Trypticon is brilliant and most of the jokes actually hit home for once. It's only knowing how badly Grimlock's storyline goes afterwards that really counts against it, and that's not really the fault of that issue.

Plus, Ratbat.

Mechanical Difficulties gives cancer to kittens though.

In terms of presentation... sigh. I really wish that Furman hadn't made a thing of presenting the Marvel series in proper order. Whatever spacing excuses were used for things like Cold Comfort and Joy, there is literally no reason King of the Hill couldn't have been put in its proper place before Wanted... when they're both in the same book. Boo.

Also it's a shame that as well as not reprinting it, none of the background material is going to mention G2 (and come to that, the Joe crossover doesn't warrant a line despite replacing that being a key part of the Volcao story's purpose)even when it obviously should. Yes, there was Another Time and Place and then ReGeneration One and there was not another popular Marvel continuation inbetween the two at any point: [a href=""][twitter url=""]

It also makes Another Time and Place sound like a placeholder for fans until Reg came along and was joyfully embraced by all of them as well.

Oh, and I guess that's confirmation only the "Key" Annual stories will be reprinted.
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