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Read Hearts of Steel!

The titular series is one of those TF comics that's perfectly readable (despite a very sudden ending) and looks great thanks to Guido, but also feels very disposable. The description of the other Evolutions they had planned sound equally meh, as if no one had any other ideas for the range than "Ahhhhhh, but what if the Transformers woke up in a different decade and turned in to different things!!!! Hot rod cars! UFO's!"

To be fair on Hearts, it does try for something beyond this with the debate on automation and losing your job to machines, but because Transformers is a series about machines doing jobs it's preloaded to coming down on one side of the argument, even though the human villains are evil industrialists who want to get rid of their workforce.

The two Furman Spotlights are frustrating in that they both have some really nice moments, but equally are the point where the range stopped being Spotlights (tight focused stories about the title character that people could dip in and out of) and became add ons to throw ideas and subplots that Furman couldn't be arsed to deal with properly in the ...tions. These are more Escalation issues 7 and 8, and Hunter and Verity randomly turning up in Galvatron to discuss a subplot that has nothing to do with that comic being especially bad.

Mirage of course goes almost entirely in the other direction as it's utterly divorced from everything (until John Barber had to explain it because he can only reach sexual climax by rationalising old continuity points no one cared about at the time). It fits the remit of a Spotlight more, but suffers from it being Mirage's first (and mist sustained!) IDW appearance and you can't really do a dark alternate timeline version of a character when you don't know the normal one yet.

Interestingly the book is very confident the series will be reprinting right bang up to date stuff as it promises we'll see the only just started John Barber written explanation as to why Hearts of Steel is included with the main continuity IDW stuff (and yes, the "Worthy side step even if not strictly G1" rationalisation in the intro is annoying when they're not doing the far worthier "Sidestep" G2).

As this is book 39 and Escalation was 37, I wonder what 38 will be? Presumably not Devastation as they're supposed to be doing the IDW stuff "Chronologically" and the two Furman Spotlights here are set before that. Unless that's going to be messed up as the Marvel ordering?
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