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Thought it was better than the sum of its parts. Said parts being a mish mash of ideas Moff has already done (or in the case of mimicked dialogue, RTD had already done in Midnight) slightly less well than he'd done them previously and pointless old continuity references for the old fans. Did a key decision of the Doctor's have to be influenced by a photo of a character last seen 34 years ago (or as she looked in the picture, more than 50)? Did we need a lingering close up of the old sonic screwdrivers (apparently they were the commercially available toys as well, so does that make it product placement?)?

Even the Movellans, which as a sad old fan I loved, were the sort of thing that's too backwards looking. There was nothing as bad as Davros watching his Who DVD collection or someone thinking Rassilon was interesting enough in and of himself any dodgery old ****er could play him, but it was very tired.

Positively though, Capaldi was on fine form, Bill made a strong first impression as a likeable character (only the overdone "Bigger on the inside" thing felt forced, if the characters are pointing out its taking a long time for her to get the point it's not a good sign) and the Lucas was good fun. The Doctor having a butler feels like an obvious idea in retrospect and it's working well across the two episodes so far. Plus, it's a new idea!
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