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I just finished reading Revenger by Alastair Reynolds. It's about treasure hunters, space pirates and (as one would expect) vengeance and how far one woman is willing to go to get it. If you've read anything by Reynolds before you've got a pretty good idea what to expect from him: hard sci-fi with a ton of thoughtful world-building, often coming at the expense of character, story or resolution. But I have to give the man credit, he's really improved his craft over the years. Revenger creates a universe full of mystery and wonder without the dense exposition and frankly hilarious "everything in this book is scientifically plausible and here's a two-page essay to prove it!" digressions that has plagued some of his earlier books, just by having us view the world through the eyes of the protagonist. The characters are believable and sympathetic, the story is gripping, and honestly this might be the best thing he's ever written.
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