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Okay humans, due to a change in my collection goals and a need to clear space, I am flogging some stuff.

But I'm offering it to you lot before sticking it on eBay. First wave is as follows. Probably more to add at some point. I think I've got another sale thread knocking about somewhere, if a moderator could delete it, that would be spiffy.

All boxed with all accessories and instructions. Used mostly for display, transformed 2-3 times at most. Pics available on request.

Prices based on current eBay going rates, negotiable. Postage at cost.

- Slick (Swerve) - 40

Takara Tomy Masterpiece
- Inferno - 90
- Grapple - 90

- Red Alert (anime version) - 55
- Tracks - 40
- Smokescreen 60

- Thrust - 110
- Ramjet - 120

- Cheetor - 60
(whiskers a bit bent but should straighten out in warm water I'm told?)

Takara Tomy Unite Warriors sets - 120 each
- Menasor
- Bruticus
- Superion (instructions unbagged)
- Defensor (hinge on Hot Spot's ladder is damaged - looks like it wasn't flush when the pin was installed, so is bowed on one side and prevents "wing" from closing around base properly. Can provide pics if desired)

Takara Superlink
- SD-02 Ironhide (Energon Demolishor) - offers

Beast Wars
- Transmetal Terrorsaur; w/original bubble no backing card - offers
- BWII Mantis (Manterror redeco); with original plastic inner; instructions and file card; no outer box - offers

Merci mofos.

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